欲しがりません 勝つまでは!/ Never request until we win!

Japanese Title (邦題):「欲しがりません 勝つまでは!」末尾に


Never request until we win!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

Yesterday morning, we reported about proposal from local area to close beaches. In the same day, they really start posting “no entry to the beach” sign and that reminds me one thing.

It really looks like “WAR” against COVID-19.

The news reminded me that officer controlled people who went from city to country for food during the previous war.

There are more similar phenomenons. Such as delivery control of surgical masks by government reminded food control in war.
(I have a memory that government announced in February that mask supply problem would be solved soon under their project “200 million musks per week supply”. Where is that project now?)

Masks and toilet papers were traded at extremely high prices like “Black Market” during/after the war.

Soft “Curfew” created by nighttime closure of restaurant and bars. Petit “Martial law” named as ’Stay Home Week’. (It is lucky for us that it is not “stay in (bombproof )shelter week”)

There are like during / just after the previous war.

I do understand these measures are necessary and important. However I can’t stop overlapping current government and mayors under emergency declaration and people saying “Never request until we win!” during the war.

Special government loan and hundred thousand JPY special government subsidy may be like bamboo spear of “Bamboo Spear Operation” which didn’t work against U.S. military.

The biggest surprise is that this map is very similar to COVID-19 infection map in Japan.


(This map is Air raid damage map of Japan during WW2.) It surprised us very much that COVID-19 is attacking Japan, more smartly and accurate than U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and Bomber team. (It is quite similar except damage level in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Virus doesn’t have brain but its attacking strategy is too smart.)

Will KAMIKAZE (legendary god’s wind) blow this time? We don’t want to listen to “declaration of surrender” against the virus.

Our a little and little guesthouse is now in the critical condition without any reinforcements (tourists) from overseas or domestic, but we are considering best thing we can do for the society in such a hard situation.

Thank you and you have a nice day with national unity.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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欲しがりません 勝つまでは!

















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いい歳して、そりゃ くたびれるよなぁ / It must be worn out with enough aging

Japanese Title (邦題): 「いい歳して、そりゃ くたびれるよなぁ」末尾に


It must be worn out with enough aging

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

Early this month, March 9th was the anniversary of our important facility of transportation, Kanmon Under Sea Road Tunnel.
It was opened in 1958 and it is 62 years old this year.


Recently it is getting repair work with one-way traffic limitation during the nights.
We could see its base texture of its wall.

It must be worn out with enough aging of 62 years.

But we really want this old runnel keep working for everybody.

Thank you and you have a nice day with careful maintenance for aging.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
( http://touka-kanmon.com )


いい歳して、そりゃ くたびれるよなぁ








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違和感!/ Strange feeling!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「違和感!」末尾に


Strange feeling!

Good morning to the World, East Asia, and Kanmon!

In this a little more than three years, we have had many guests from East Asian countries and it may be because we locates in Fukuoka pref. which is the closest area to the continent.


As we have taken care of such guests from Asian countries, we are getting to understand that there are a few difference between young generations from such countries and Japanese young generations. Some of them visit/stay here with their parents (who is in same generations as us). And we often felt that there is gap of understanding between their parents’ and us.

I think that this strange feeling have been created in these 100 years. With the experience of the feeling, now I start feeling something missing in my brain.

In the summer, this time of a year in Japan, there are many TV programs and articles in Newspapers which treat “the step to start WWII” and “what Japanese were suffered by air raids and atomic bomb to pursue peace in future. However, there is no effort can be seen that we study “what Japanese did in east Asia” and pursue future peace from those. Is it only me who notice about it?

Even before I started this guesthouse, I went to Hawaii, Guam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Smithsonian and so on. And I saw/hear the story of Japanese “what they did there”. I felt like that I am taught by someone else that there are huge debt which my dad left to me. I felt that we, Japanese, don’t know anything very bad. Because we don’t know, we cannot object/deny logically against the fake stories or forged histories.

Now I strongly feel that Japan have to report/exhibit truth and accurate evidence (no matter good or bad) of “what Japanese/Japanese army did in east Asia” since the Meiji Restoration.

The most important thing is report/exhibit one and only truth and fact certified by Japan, which never made by the fakes and misunderstanding. Such heavy and real history should be shared to all citizens in Japan as general education and that create ultimate leadership in east Asia.

Such building or something should be built next to Ueno educational area or area next to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima or Nagasaki to exhibit them. Study tour students and foreign tourists will visit and see it. That will lead Japan to the real peace or step up to the permanent peace of the world. (That can be promoted for study tours from foreign counties.)


After these trials were achieved, our future young people will never feel shame on their innocence in the museums of the countries where they will visit by air ticket of LCC. And I wish such future for our children.

Thank you and you have a nice day being proud of yourselves.

P.S. This is to share my finding as a guesthouse owner who will talk with all guests stayed here. Thank you for leading such long article.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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P.S. 今回はゲストハウス、それもゲスト全員とおしゃべりする話し好きの宿主の特異な体験・気付きを共有したく長くなってしまいました。ここまで読んでいただきありがとうございました。

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