美味しいレモネードの作り方!/ How to make fruitful lemonade!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「美味しいレモネードの作り方!」末尾に


How to make fruitful lemonade!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

Cold lemonade tastes good on hot summer day, doesn’t it?

But this is not an article about the recipe to make lemonade .

There is an English proverb that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

The most suitable Japanese translation of this proverb is “転んでもただでは起きない (I never wake up without getting any money, when I fall down.)”

In this proverb, sour lemon means difficulty, like COVID-19 infection now. This lemon may be bitter rather than sour. So, what is the honey or sugar to make lemonade?

In the present world, it must be benefits and subsidy.

There are various benefits and subsidy in Japan, not only 100,000JPY “Special Cash Handout” and “Subsidy Program for Sustaining Businesses”. We think that now is the time to start preparing toward new business style with COVID-19 infection, utilizing such money at least.

There’s no reason we don’t make use of it. With getting one subsidy, we could obtain emergency power supply for future disaster.


We may be able to find more benefits and subsidy, if we look for more carefully. Or new benefits and subsidy will be announced. How about trying to find suitable benefits and subsidy for your future lifestyle under coexist with COVID-19?

God helps those who help themselves.

Thank you and you have a nice day by using whatever you can use.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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英語の諺(ことわざ)に “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” というのがあるそうです。










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ふるさとへのUターン 〜 本当の意義 / True meaning of returning to hometown

Japanese Title (邦題): 「ふるさとへのUターン 〜 本当の意義」末尾に


True meaning of returning to hometown

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

Here in Kanmon area, it is very very hot in this August.

There are no fashionable articles like other guesthouse in this site. Let me talk about more unfashionable topic this time.

Actually for whole July, I had visited my parents’ house almost everyday, where is about 5min drive or 3min bicycle ride from here.

So, why my parents’ house?

It is because my mother passed out suddenly on the fist day of July. She was brought to a hospital and took serious brain surgery and has stayed there whole July.


As I am her eldest son, I have been a window person to the hospital and managed information between the hospital and my family.

It cannot be made, if I were still in Tokyo.

Of course, I had thought about how to care my old parents when I resigned a company and started to think about new business. Honestly speaking, it is more important than “revitalization of hometown” and “regional activation” for me. It is one of main objectives to return to my hometown. Even when I was belong to previous company which is famous for generous benefits, I kept feeling uncomfortable about the role of special paid leave for nursing care and the death of family members as a child of human.

This summer, fortunately(?), we have quite less guest, because of COVID-19 infection and I could spend more than enough time to play the role as “the eldest son”. It is quite lucky for us that my mother started communicating this week, though it is not perfect communication yet, and she will be in rehabilitation stage this month.

When I looked back this one month, I remember that we could not make direct communication with our mother, because of COVID-19 virus control by the hospital. We could only meet with her through online Skype screen. If her condition got worse and I were still working in Tokyo, I could not even touch her or not talk any words with her before she left us. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

We may be in the second wave of COVID-19 infection, as mass media broadcasting, It is my quite private opinion that COVID-19 virus may be the messenger of the god to make us think more about ourselves and our families.

Returning to hometown, it may be one of effective choice of life.

Thank you and you have a wonderful day with your precious family.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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ふるさとへのUターン 〜 本当の意義











この夏は、幸運なことに(?) 新型コロナウイルスの流行でゲストも極限まで少なくて、十二分に自分の時間が取れたおかげで「長男としての機能」を果たすことが出来ました。幸い、母はまだおぼつかないながらも今週になってようやく会話ができるようになり、来週からリハビリのステータスに入ります。





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都市じゃなくなる!/ No longer city!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「都市じゃなくなる!」末尾に


No longer city!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

I went to our port town to do some business with walking around town.

When I walked out from the bank after business, I was called and handed a piece of paper. The news of the paper was…


The bank will be closed in coming November. (It was told as transfer to other town but)


It is the last city bank in this town and we will not have any city bank in town. The street used to have many branches of big banks in Japan.

For me, the bank has been my main bank since I graduated from school, when the bank was called as Fuji Bank. So the town without the bank is not good for me. BLM ( = Bank Location Matters )

I came back to this home town to liven up the town. However reality seems to be very tough and this town continues to decline.

Thank you and you have a nice day, being strong in elimination and consolidation.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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