About TOUKA 灯火について

Locating in west coast of Japan,
KANMON is surrounded by ocean breeze and hog horn from ships.
The south part is called MOJI, used to be the 3rd biggest port in Japan.
"KOMORIE" is a town in MOJI, however not so many people know it.

There is a little JR station at the center of Komorie
and very convenient with frequent (3 - 8) trains in a hour.
However Komorie is not popular
and it is lucky for us to keep this area natural and fine.

June 2016, one little Guesthouse was opened
on the height of Komorie, with hideaway atmosphere.

The name of Guesthouse is "TOUKA".
It is a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse,
looking down Kanmon Straits and Ganryu Island.
(The Japanese word "TOUKA" means light from lighthouse.)


We want people from all over the world
to come here and enjoy relaxing in quiet but powerful environment.