Location of TOUKA 灯火のロケーション

TOUKA is stand at the slope between JR Komorie Station and small height, which has fine view of Kanmon area. TOUKA is surrounded by quiet residents with City Hospital, Special Support School (for handicapped students) and full of green nature.

The slope to TOUKA is a little steep and not so long. It takes 5 min. flat walk and 2 min. climbing the slope. Difference in elevation between Komorie station and TOUKA is approx. 20m (= 65ft). Such a short walk will make us to see the scenery like below. We think that the location of TOUKA is like hideaway, which has easy access from city area in Fukuoka Pref.

(Above: View from the window of Mix Dorm.)

Komorie Station is a rare station in Japan which locates a side of Historical Red Brick Warehouses and has close view of ocean. It is a small KAWAII(= cute) station, but trains stop frequently, because it is a station of Kagoshima line, the biggest & longest trunk railway of JR-Kyushu.

*Convenient Access to Major Sightseeing Spots from Komorie Station:
- To "MOJIKO" : 1 station 6 min.
- To "KOKURA" : 2 station 7 min.
- To "SHIMONOSEKI" : 2 station 15 min. (one transit of train)

Not only accesss to the other areas in Kanmon, Komorie itself has wonderful spots and activities, which are not shown in guide books, not so many people know.
It is the greatest fun of us to show them for our guests.

(view of whole Kanmon Straits from secret spot in Komorie)

"Kanmon Straits" is very important and difficult path of ocean traffic between Asian country, Eurasia and Japan. The Lighthouse is small but one of very important lighthouses working day and night, to prevent ships from collapsing and going aground.

A Little Guesthouse TOUKA stand just under this Lighthouse, illuminating mellow but strong index light to Kanmon Straits.

(The light and moon light)