Access to TOUKA 灯火への行き方

*Address: 6-7 Minami-honmachi, Moji Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka 800-0021 Japan

7 min walk from JR "KOMORIE" Station
(Note: There is a little difference in elevation.
We recommend our guest check with above original Yahoo Map)
* We don't have guest parking lot. It is safe and sure to use parking lot in front of Komorie Station.( 500 JPY / 24h )

* It is just 7 min walk from Komorie Station to TOUKA, but a little difficult to get right route, Let us show the access to TOUKA in detail.
  ( Left side in day time : Right side in night time )

1. Go left after passing ticket gate of Komorie station.
You can see a lighthouse on your right (It is another lighthouse paired with TOUKA's lighthouse) and train platform on your left.

2. You can see red brick warehouse on your left at the end of platform.

3. Warehouse looks romantic with light-up in twilight time.
Ocean looks wonderful in sunny day.

4. Go straight along the railway and you can see mountains behind small factories on your right. That part may be shining dimly because of our lighthouse.

5. You walk along the road, a little curved to right, and you will see a parking lot.
Beyond the parking lot, you can see a convenience store (Seven-Eleven). You may find another convenience store (Lowson) behind Seven-Eleven, and the area get lighten because of the stores.

6. Turn right at the corner of the parking lot and you will see traffic light in front.

7. You may see a lighthouse beyond the traffic light. It can be seen clear in the night.

8. When you are at the road (natinal road #3), you can see the sign of "Minamihonmachi" next to traffic light. And this Minamihonmachi is the sub division, where TOUKA belongs to.

9. During you waiting for green light, you may see the light from our lighthouse on your front, a little right hand side of traffic light.

10. A small road, you can see beyond the crossroad, is the next path. You will face Y-shaped road soon, and you go left side. (If you go right =wrong, you will arrive at 6 stories high apartment. Please go back to traffic light.)

11. Just after you go left way, you will see the road like this.
And you go right slope at the Y-shaped road.

12. As this slope is steep, please take care walking / climbing it.
It will be T-shape road soon and go right and around the small parking lot.

13. When you walking around the parking lot, you will see the lighthouse
and it will be a little more to TOUKA.

14. Yes, lighthouse is behind the wooden old 2 stories apartment.
TOUKA stands next to this apartment.

15. After you pass the apartment, slope get more steep suddenly. But before climbing the slope, you will see pink wall 2 stories house on your right, that is TOUKA.

16. If you have big or heavy luggage, please knock the small white door in garage.
We are there and help you. (There is our reception in the door.)

17. If you feel it is piece of cake to climb with your luggage, please walk up to the main entrance and come in through the entrance door. All guest rooms are on the 2nd floor which is entrance level.
If you look back where you walk from, you will see the Kanmon Straits. Also when you look at main entrance again, you will see our lighthouse left above our entrance.

* It is 7 min. walk from the station. More exactly it is 5 min. walk on flat and 2 min. climbing slope.

*It might be easier to come to TOUKA in the night, because of the helpful light from lighthouse.