最初の犠牲者!/ The First Victim!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「最初の犠牲者!」末尾に


The First Victim!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

There was the first victim on Sunday, caused by JR timetable revision.

The victim: Korean, Male, Age = 30s.

He came by the morning flight and arrived at Kokura station 10:30.

He came to TOUKA to leave his baggage without listening our advice of going straight to sightseeing spot. It was after 11:00.

Yes, he wanted to go to Karato Market for sushi, as we guessed. But there is few train in that time since Saturday.


He had not only the risk of no chance taking pictures of photogenic displayed sushi, but also the risk* that he cannot eat sushi, because of sold-out, if he arrive there afternoon.
(*Lately, many guests complained “Too many people”, “No sushi in afternoon”.)

This time, TOUKA gave him special advice, however

JR Kyushu new timetable will continue for a year. They may reduce more train, if they will change again.

As we cannot make special advice for all guest in future, we decided to create our own “contingency plan”*. (*I used to be a professional of closing any troubles and have to utilize the skill.)

Tourism is the last resort of Japanese domestic economy. Damage caused by timetable revision may be small for individual guest level, but so many guests will suffer this trouble in public transportation. Bad rumor spread fast and less tourists interested in traveling northern Kyushu area. They already complaint about expensive price of JR tickets.

Thank you and you have a nice day, flexible toward any risks.

P.S. If local government have money to pay individual students loan, how about taking care for All tourists’ comfort transportation who will visit our city?

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
( http://touka-kanmon.com )












いつも「灯火」スペシャルアドバイスが出来るわけではないので、「灯火」独自のcontingency plan*を作成することにしました。(*サラリーマン時代にはリスクマネジメント専門、トラブル・クローザーですから、、、こんな時こそ活かさないとね。)



P.S. 学生「個人」のローンを立て替わる金銭的余裕があるのなら、当市を訪問する観光客全員のためになんとかしませんか?北橋さんっ!

灯台下のちいさいゲストハウス「灯火」宿主 やっさん より
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にほんブログ村 旅行ブログへ新しい旅探しへ

やってはいけないこと二つ!/ The Two Things you should not do!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「やってはいけないこと二つ!」末尾に


The Two Things you should not do!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

The guest came from the country of everlasting summer.


He is a repeating user of TOUKA.
He planned to stay long this time as long as last time.

However he met with a unexpected trouble in his third day.

He lost his passport during his sightseeing around Kanmon area.

He was cycling on the rental bicycle.
As weather and temperature was not stable, he put his jacket from/into his daypack many time. He say that he might drop his passport that time.

On behalf of him, I made phone call to police department of both side of strait. But no good news from them yet.

So he decided to visit the consulate and request them issuing passport again. And h de checked out in a hurry. He went to ferry terminal to board on the boat to OSAKA.

On the way back from police department, he seemed to be exhausted and disappointed.
And he said that he learned a lot from this trouble, and pay extra attention.

As a manager of an hostel, I want all guests learned from his this trouble.

1. Never throw passport into bag/daypack. To keep it inside pocket of the bag carefully.

2. Never put passport, cash and other important item in same pouch.
(He lost everything, because he put them all together in his pouch.)

He could arrange his schedule even after this trouble, because his schedule was flexible.
But if he is traveling with FIX air ticket, it can be very critical.

We planned to go out together to see the illumination event (but he couldn’t).
I want to dedicate a song played at mini concert in the event area to him.


“You don’t need to be depressed, because there is both good day and bad day. Let’s be in happy mood!”

Thank you and you have a nice day, without repeating the same mistake.

P.S. Before 1.5 years since we opened TOUKA, we started to have repeater guests. We have appreciated this situation very much. We really hoping that he will come and stay here again.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
( http://touka-kanmon.com )














1.  パスポートなど貴重品はカバンに投げ込まない。カバンの内ポケットなど他の荷物と分けて入れておく。

2. パスポートは現金や他の貴重品とは一緒に保管しない。




「人生なんて良い時も悪い時もあるんだから♫ 落ち込んでばかりないで、明るくいきましょう♫」



P.S. 開業一年半経たずして、リピーターのゲストさんも増えてきました。本当に有難いことだと思います。感謝! これに懲りずに彼にもまた来てほしいですね。

灯台下のちいさいゲストハウス「灯火」宿主 やっさん より
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