これからの日本の子供に必要なこと / Important thing for Japanese children of next generation!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「これからの日本の子供に必要なこと」末尾に


Important thing for Japanese children of next generation!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

A family with small children used TOUKA.


According to them, they have used Guesthouse for every year family trip.

Their kids don’t mind about roommates in same guest room.
And they feel natural staying with foreigners.

As I have seen business men, who cannot communicating well and
workers, who cannot talk to foreign people,
I felt that these kids will become important people who will lead Japan.

As a real matter, cost to stay is reasonable and
I believe travel with using guesthouse is very unique and interesting.

Thank you and you have a nice day, you can say “No!”.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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東大生の読んだ漫画、その母親が読んだManga! / Manga of TODAI student, Manga of his mother!

Japanese Title (邦題): 「東大生の読んだ漫画、その母親が読んだManga!」末尾に


Manga of TODAI student, Manga of his mother!

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

In Japan, April is the start of Fiscal Year and many companies start their new business by holding initiation ceremony and fiscal year start meeting. Soon with schools holding entrance ceremonies and opening ceremonies, whole Japanese are in starting April.

TOUKA got nice gift from my close relative.

Bunch of Manga Books on a cart.


They are just Manga books but they have unique background.
They are Manga books which student of Tokyo Univ. and Kyushu Univ. used to read in their childhood. They include manga of their mother’s too.

Now I am planning to install mini-library in TOUKA. To be exact, we don’t want to have it because we think conversation in guesthouse is most important. However these manga books may provide us unique topic to us and we decide to make it.

Honestly speaking, I personally thought that there is ON and OFF in human activity and Japanese tend to focus mainly ON activity more. For example, in case of student. ON is school, crammer, textbook, study‐aid book and so on, and OFF is leisure time, discipline, hobbies, music, novel and so on. Only getting expensive high quality ON material can not make our life wonderful but balancing ON and OFF is quite important to obtain quality of life. (This is same for adult though.)

Both students of Tokyo and Kyushu Univ. are now nice young man. (One graduated from Tokyo Univ. and now is a student of graduate school,Tokyo Univ.) He is an excellent person who could wing a cheeky greeting in front of audience (my daughter’s wedding). We all are excited about their future.

todai02( I also got a souvenir of Tokyo Univ. I surprised their making such buns as a souvenir of the Univ.)

I cannot say this is the right answer but these manga books can be the hint to grow child. Because I could know how they get these by taking a look of the books.

These might be useless for the people whose children are already joined famous Univ. or Enterprises. If you are parents of lower age children, how about taking a glance of these manga. If you let us know your interest when you make reservation, we can show you these manga even before completion of mini-library.

This is just one idea suggested by a guesthouse, locating at most deep area of OFF side.

Thank you and you have one rank higher wonderful life, by keeping balance between ON and OFF.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
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今週から新年度。入社式や経営者の年初挨拶など日本国中がフレッシュな気分で動き出した感じですね。 もうすぐ教育機関でも次々に入学式や始業式が行われて、日本国民総スタートの4月です。










お子様がすでに立派な大学や企業に入ってしまった方は見るまでもありませんが、低学年のお子様をお持ちの方はパラパラとページをめくってみてはいかがでしょう? ライブラリが完成する前でも、希望があれば閲覧いただけるよう準備します。(予約時にその旨言ってくださいね。)



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