あなたのメダルは何色? / Which color is your medal?

Japanese Title (邦題): 「あなたのメダルは何色?」末尾に


Which color is your medal?

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

Preparation is on going.



The event is just around the corner.

Whole one day for the Kids who have been facing only the hard aspect of this society.

17 years have passed since the very first event.
The facility has always been full for 17 years, unfortunately.

We are preparing coming event, with praying for The Day will come.

The Day, when this facility will become useless, or
when we can shrink the capacity of holding kids at least.

It may be The Day when all people get Gold Medal as an human being.

Thank you and how about having one nice day, you devote whole the day to somebody who is in very hard time in this society.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
( http://touka-kanmon.com )











もしかして その日とは、全ての人が人間としての金メダルを獲得する日なのかも。


灯台下のちいさいゲストハウス「灯火」宿主 やっさん より
( http://touka-kanmon.com )



にほんブログ村 旅行ブログへ新しい旅探しへ

自分たちへのご褒美に、、、 / Treat for ourselves after climbing

Japanese Title (邦題): 「自分たちへのご褒美に、、、」末尾に


Treat for ourselves after climbing

Good morning to the World and Kanmon!

In the last event “Feel the Energy Trekking”, we chose a different way to go down the mountain.

On the way, there are …

“Treat for ourselves who accomplish the trekking.”

Furthermore, treat is not only one.


*Treat #1: Fine Coffee “Toarco Toraja Brend Coffee”


*Treat #2: B class Grommet “ISSENYOSHOKU (USUYAKI)”


*Treat #3: Superb view of our Port Town (together with 1+2)

(It is really fine view which we proud of.)

We believe it is quite higher than paid observation room, both elevation and quality.

As far as I know, this coffee shop was already there, when I was a high school student. It is the heritage class quality shop.

Trekking course is very flexible and decided casually depends upon the weather, feeling and type of attendees.

Thank you and you have good food, good view and good weekend.

from Yassan,
Manager of a Little Guesthouse under a Little Lighthouse TOUKA
( http://touka-kanmon.com )




前回11月の “Feel the Energy Trekking”。

無事 頂上を制覇(?)した後、いつもとはルートを変えて下山しました。






ご褒美その2:おいしいご当地グルメ(B級? 一銭洋食)。


ご褒美その3:なんてったってコレ! コレを見ながら 1 & 2 を食す!

(わが町 港町の絶景です。)

視点の高さもクオリティーも お金を出して見に行く展望室の上を行くかと。





それでは、どうぞ おいしい食とおいしい景色、同時に楽しむおいしい週末を!

灯台下のちいさいゲストハウス「灯火」宿主 やっさん より
( http://touka-kanmon.com )



にほんブログ村 旅行ブログへ新しい旅探しへ

TOUKA’s ”Feel the Energy Trekking” /「灯火」フィール・ザ・エネジー・トレッキング

Event: TOUKA’s ”Feel the Energy Trekking”

Date: December 22 – December 23
(Dec 22 at 8 PM to Dec 23 at 11:30 AM)


TOUKA’s ”Feel the Energy Trekking” for spectacle Kanmon View.

Now, Kanmon area is in the beginning of winter!
Clear sky and dry wind. Yes, it is still good season to climb mountain!
Let us do the right thing for our body and mind.

Let’s go trekking and watch wonderful strait views from
the mountain in Komorie (TOUKA’s backyard mountain)!

The view is not just how it looks like.
How you can feel energy of this land, water and wind
with your whole body and all sense.

This event is planned for people who want petit active outdoor.

< Schedule >
* 1st day (Night)
– Meeting with attendees at TOUKA (20:00-) and Stay in TOUKA
* 2nd day (Morning):
– Cook Authentic Japanese outdoor food “ONIGIRI” together.
– Go out for Short Trekking/Climb to the Mountain. (approx. 9:00)
(Elevation= 364.3m)
(It may take about 1.5 hours to climb depend on attending member.)
– Do refreshing stretch and healing at the top of mountain.
– Eat ONIGIRI Breakfast there.
– Go back to TOUKA (around noon).
(You can go to MOJIKO for sightseeing, if you want.
There is another trekking route down to MOJIKO from the peak.)

< Note >
* Entry Qualifications:
To be the guest of TOUKA (stay 1st day night)
* Number restriction:
Max 8 people (same as current TOUKA’s max occupancy)
(Male 4, Female 4+, depends on male in Mix Dorm.)
* Fee:
No extra fee, just stay in TOUKA at standard price.
* “Go or No-go” by Weather:
( Check 1st day’s 21:00 weather forecast )
– Up to 30% chance of shower: = Go climbing mountain.
– 50%: discuss with all attendees “Go or No-go”.
– 80% or more: no-climbing.
(No refund for no-climbing caused by weather.)
* What to bring: Light trekking item (shoes, wear etc)
* Luggage can be kept in TOUKA until the evening of 2nd day.
* Shower is available after come back to TOUKA from trekking.
* Check-out can be by 14:00 for event attendee.

< How to apply >
* Please book to stay on the first day,
and put “attend trekking” on note field of TOUKA’s reservation form.
[URL: http://www.touka-kanmon.com/book_en.html : English]
[URL: http://www.touka-kanmon.com/book_jp.html : Japanese]

Let us watch Kanmon View like Cover Photo above together!

灯火 「フィール・ザ・エネルギー・トレッキング」

「灯火」ではストーブを出しました。 わが町にもイルミネーションの灯がともり、年末の雰囲気が増してきました。晴れた朝晩などぐっと冷え込むこともありますが、風邪などひかれていないでしょうか?

さて、一緒に山登りしませんか? 空気も乾いて澄み渡り、大汗をかくことなく登れるので、この時期こそトレッキングに最高かもしれません。みんなで小森江の山に登って素敵な景色を見ましょう!


最近運動不足で、山には登ってみたいけど、本格的な登山はちょっと勘弁、という方に最適なコースです。 手軽に登れる割にご褒美(=景色)が素晴らしく、登った満足感と得した気分の大きいお得なルートです。

– 参加者の懇親もあわせて灯火で簡単なミーティング(20時頃〜)、
– そのまま灯火ステイ。
– 朝食代わりの伝統的な日本式登山食おにぎり(等)を皆で一緒に製作
– お手軽トレッキング・山登りに出発(9時頃)山頂高度は364.3m。
– 山頂でリフレッシュのためのストレッチとヒーリング体験
– 運動のあとは、皆で一緒におにぎり朝食
– 灯火帰着(お昼ごろ、出来ればお昼前に)

・参加資格: その日の「灯火」のゲストであること。(1日目夜の滞在)
・参加人数: 最大8名まで(現在の「灯火」の宿泊人数と同じです。)
・料金: 灯火滞在を通常料金で泊まっていただけば、山登りの追加料金は不要です。
– 二日目午前の降水確率30%は実施
– 50%前後は参加者全員で相談
– 80%以上は中止
・持ち物: 軽いトレッキングに行ける装備
希望者には荷物預かりも二日目の夜 閉店まで無料で行います。

[URL: http://www.touka-kanmon.com/book_en.html : 英語]
[URL: http://www.touka-kanmon.com/book_jp.html : 日本語]